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Direct taxation Income Tax, TDS, and Indirect Taxation Good & Service Tax. Auditing Regulatory Compliance. 
B. B. Agrawal & Co. engages in an exceptionally sophisticated, broad-based tax practice, touching on many different economic sectors. The firm advice clients on tax planning issues relating to the establishment of a corporate business presence in India and the subsequent conduct of business in general and by such corporate entities. The firm also recommends tax-efficient structure for establishing a business presence in India consistent with the business prevailing tax regime and the provisions for applicable double taxable agreements. The taxation team advises clients on direct and indirect tax issues including income tax, gift tax, TDS, GST. Advice is provided on various individuals and personal tax matters including those relevant to expatriate present in India.      
The firm represents clients in tax litigation case at various levels, including tribunals. The firm is actively involved in providing tax-related advice on acquisitions, mergers, de mergers, absorption’s, reorganization and restructuring of businesses. In providing tax related advice on transactions, the firm has coordinated complex transaction and developed excellent working relationships with a variety of international tax and financial advisors. 
  • Business reorganization
  • Cross-border Transactions
  • Direct & Indirect Taxes
  • Double Taxable Agreements
  • Stamp Duty
  • Tax Plan
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